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filed under: blog

PhD thoughts (towards the end)

filed under: blog

5-star ratings

filed under: blog

On Serendipity

filed under: blog, familiar-essays, unedited

Saying goodbye to a tea

filed under: blog, tea, whimsical

The year of rereading

filed under: blog, books

My Definition of Awesome

filed under: blog, personal

Bread Baking as Mental Model

filed under: bread, blog, thinking

Small and Big Cities

filed under: blog, personal

A hundred books in 2018

filed under: books, reading, blog, reflection

Lazy Adjectives

filed under: blog, writing, miscellany

Books about Food

filed under: books, food, blog

How to Take Smart Notes, by Sonke Ahrens

filed under: books, blog, productivity

My Mechanical Pencils

filed under: stationery, writing, blog

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