Hi, I'm Vishal. I work at Ankur Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund where I look at IP-led deep science innovation. Earlier, I finished a PhD in quantum information theory from Louisiana State University. I'm currently figuring out how I can contribute to the global climate change mitigation effort.

I enjoy science, books, tea, music, cooking, gardening, fermenting things, baking bread and learning new things.

I run a weekly mailing list of good longform journalism from around the internet (and the world). I send ten great things to your inbox every weekend. Have a look here - Kat's Kable.

I sporadically blog, just to put my random thoughts down somewhere. Here's the blog.

I collect excerpts from the books I've been reading. Find them here.

I like reading poems, and I have compiled and catalogued a list of my favourite ones. This hasn't been updated for quite some time, unfortunately. I'll get around to it soon. Here.

Want to get in touch? Email me at vkatariya8 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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